Wow Mobile Cell Phone – Adding Up to Your Monthly Income Options

Cell phone plans offered by the service providers in the US are compared along with their features every now and then in order to refine the level of service as well as to help the subscribers make informed decisions on what to choose and why. Reviewers of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Western states have rated Verizon Wireless on the CDMA platform, as the best in call quality. Customers say they experience fewer dropped calls and circuit overloads than with other carriers. In certain other parts of the country, particularly the Southwest, GSM network based T-Mobile services are rated slightly ahead of Verizon, according to one major survey.In spite of all this if you take a look at how much we spend each year on cell phone charges every year, we would surely be amazed by the ‘just too much.’ Liberty international, one of the leading providers of cell phone services in the US has come out with an offer that is beyond the belief of the average cell phone service user. While offering premium coverage in all the states of the US, the packaged deal starts at charges that are less than half of what other providers offer. Liberty international’s wow mobile cell phone service plan starting from $59.95 through which you can have access to unlimited calls the US without any time restrictions. The second plan is for $69.95 wherein you get to enjoy unlimited calls as well as unlimited texting. The third plan priced at $89.95 gives callers unlimited any time calls to anywhere in the US, with unlimited texting and email options as well as unlimited internet connectivity throughout. There is also the additional option of tethering your mobile smart phone to your laptop or connecting to the internet through the wow mobile cell phone service.What would interest the customer even more is that the wow mobile service plan is designed in a network marketing model that promises to relive the subscriber from the plan charges one he refers three new customers to the wow mobile services, as the catch line says, buy 1, refer 3 and get yours free. Every new customer who gets 3 new connections gets released from the expense they incurred in the first purchase. As it comes with an inbuilt AIR card it provides ease of access to any user who would like to connect to wide area wireless Internet access. The wow mobile cell phone service offers a remarkable opportunity for a subscriber to make phenomenal income without having to work for it. The progression of the subscribers to the plan would by itself bring in the returns every month as the chain of down-line linkages multiply.In a recession hit economy like ours, wow mobile cell phone services have created a chance to supplement your income. This is also a good means to add a bit more to your retirement income. The subscriber need not get out of his or her home to market and sell the product, like in many other multilevel marketing arrangements. All it takes is a word of mouth reference to your friends, family and colleagues at work, more like referring a good hang out, or a movie and you could see money flowing your way every month. In addition to the cost advantage of it being under $ 90 a month every new subscriber down-line would bring you additional income every month. Moreover there are no restrictions on usage as well. Being a no contract plan, credit checks are skipped and there are no hidden charges or additional tax burdens.